Grade 5 Titanium Split Ring

Grade 5 Titanium Split Ring

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The perfect way to store and hold your Claw.

 Made from Grade 5 Titanium.

The World's Smallest Multi-Tool

Popping bottles, lighting fires, undoing screws and so much more in under one inch.

Life of the Party

Pop bottles with ease, even if no one around you has a bottle opener to hand.

Quit Screwin' Around

No need to carry a screwdriver around all the time, the Claw can take on simple flathead (and even crosshead) screws.

Light It Up

Use the Claw to spark a flint and get that campfire going. (Flint not included)

Pop Paint Professionally

The curved wedge allows for a smooth opening of any paint can, so less ends up on your shirt and more on the walls.

Retire Your Box Cutters

Put away the box cutters and staple removers, the Claw can handle that with a quick swipe and open any package in an instant.


This lilliputian libation lid liberator leisurely lies in wait until you need to crack one open.

The Claw finds a careful balance between functionality and form.